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Choose The Best School of Driving

mini_cooperThere are three main characteristics you should look for in a quality school of motoring, so you can get the best out of your lessons and pass your tests first time: experienced instructors, numerous services, and safe cars.

First, a quality driving school will have experienced and patient instructors who are all registered with the DSA (or RSA in Ireland). It should have instructors who are both male and female so as to put any new driver at ease sans inappropriate distractions. Also, the instructors of a quality school should be familiar with driving in all manner of conditions and should be able to impart the appropriate manoeuvres to their students during their lessons.

Second, a quality company will offer numerous services or courses in various terrains and circumstances, not just one, take-it or leave-it course. They should offer individual instruction, scheduled tests, remedial driving courses, and possibly training on the Pass Plus specific driving scenarios at the very least. Some schools of motoring even include courses for taxis and instructors. The more services offered, the more likely that it is a place worth your time and money.

Smart Pass Driving School is a great example of a company who offer the full range of courses available from intensive driving to Pass Plus. They also have many offers to help a learner’s budget and use a friendly team. These characteristics are definitely worth considering when looking for a school.

If you have just passed both theory and practical driving test, then you probably know about Pass Plus already. If not, then know that Pass Plus is a 6 hour practical training course for new drivers that is designed to improve both their skills and safety on different types of roads including the motorways, and in different weather conditions such as heavy rain and snow. Those new drivers who pass the course may be eligible for discounts on their car insurance and will increase their overall confidence behind the wheel. You can also buy a low cost car for practice. After, you can scrap your car for cash and buy a nifty new one.

Third, a good company will have well-maintained and clean late-model cars for its students to drive. Whether you are first learning the rules of the road or just trying to learn how to parallel park, it is best to learn in a car that is both clean and free from maintenance issues, as these things would only be a distraction while trying to learn driving techniques anyway. Most will offer cars that have dual controls, so that the instructor can take over at any time a situation develops that the student driver cannot handle.

Choosing a driving school is one of the most important decisions that you can make. If you are going to invest to properly learn a skill, then you want to know with certainty that the school you have chosen is one of quality — not some Johnny-come-lately who only wants your money. Driving schools also doesn’t have to be expensive—you can get cheap driving lessons from highly qualified instructors. Do your research and find one from your area that has a record streak of passers. In the Coventry and Warwick area for instance, Road Matters Driving School has an 89.9% passing rate according to their website roadmatters.co.uk. If you choose a school with numerous experienced and registered instructors that offers numerous types of courses, all taught in fleet maintained, modern cars, then you will have chosen wisely.